This tomato sauce is made with non gmo heirloom tomatoes, the lineage of the seeds extend back to mid 1850 hundreds for some tomatoes.

This sauce is made in small controlled batches to maintain our stringent quality standards, in addition we still use a stock pot production method that requires constant monitoring and hand mixing to ensure that the sauce is perfectly cooked and seasoned. Once the sauce has been cooked to our desired temperature and time requirement's the filling process beings.

Product Highlights :

Made with local Heirloom Tomatoes from Leemington Ontario

No meats used so the sauce is suitable for vegetarian diets

No dairy is used so the sauce is suitable for vegan diets

Only sea salt is used, 6% very low compared to other market sauces

Only fresh cut organic vegetables are used to flavour our sauces, no sugars or flavour enhancers are used

Our sauce is 100% Gluten free and suits dietary requirements for celiac diets

Made with Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oil only

Bottle Size:

this product is available in  750 ml glass jars

Jars are manufactured in Canada

OCF Inc. Product Listings
 Case Lots UPC Unit SizeBrandProduct DescriptionCase
Retail (Ea)
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  Heirloom Tomato SauceGSTPST
Tomato Sauces  Heirloom Ingredients     
850941001013750 milOntario's FinestMarinara Sauce12$8.99No


850941001020750 milOntario's FinestTomato Basil12$8.99No


850941001037750 milOntario's FinestRoasted Garlic12$8.99No


850941001044750 milOntario's FinestBasil Garlic12$8.99No


850941001051750 milOntario's FinestArrabbiata Sauce (very spicy)12$8.99No


850941001068750 milOntario's FinestItalian Herb12$8.99No


850941001075750 milOntario's FinestThyme & Roasted Garlic12$8.99No


850941001082750 milOntario's FinestOregano & Roasted Garlic12$8.99No


Product is made with locally harvested heirloom tomatoes, fresh cut vegetables, organic evoo, fresh cut organic herbs and spices, sea salt
Low Sodium  
No Sugars 
Gluten Free 
Dairy Free