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 Herb Oils ckd Cold Infused Herbed Organic EVOO

Cold Infused EVOO

850941002515250 ml Cold Infused Italian Herbed Oil12$15.99NoNo
850941002522250 mlCold Infused Chili Pepper12$15.99NoNo
850941002539250 mlCold Infused Roasted Garlic12$15.99NoNo
850941002546250 mlCold Infused Spicy Roasted Garlic12$15.99NoNo
850941002553250 mlCold Infused Basil Olive Oil12$15.99NoNo
850941002564250 mlCold Infused Spicy Basil  12$15.99NoNo
850941002577250 mlCold Infused Rosemary Olive Oil12


850941002584250 mlCold Infused Oregano12$15.99NoNo
850941002591250 mlCold Infused Roasted Garlic-Onion 12$15.99NoNo
850941002607250 mlCold Infused Onion 12$15.99NoNo
850941002614250 mlCold Infused Spicy Basil  12$15.99NoNo
850941002621250 mlCold Infused Spicy Italian12$15.99NoNo
850941002638250 mlCold Infused Habanero Pepper12$15.99NoNo
850941002645250 mlCold Infused Chipotle Pepper12$15.99NoNo
850941002652250 mlCold Infused Jalapeno Pepper 12$15.99NoNo
850941002669250 mlCold Infused Lemon- Dill- Garlic12$15.99NoNo
850941002676250 mlCold Infused Tarragon Garlic12$15.99NoNo
850941002683250 ml 2 Year Aged Modena Balsamic Vinegar12$15.99NoNo
850941002690250 ml 7 Year Aged Modena Balsamic Vinegar12$19.99NoNo
850941002706250 ml Organic Modena Balsamic Vinegar12$15.99NoNo
850941002713200 ml Bread Dipping Oil12$10.99NoNo
850941002720200 ml Spicy Bread Dipping Oil12$10.99NoNo
Product Summary: Product Highlights:The above herbed oils are made with single estate first cold press Italian extra virgin  
   olive oils, wild harvested herbs and are  hand packed to ensure that quality is maintained. 
   Our 4 leaf balsamic Modena vinegar is AIB certified and meets the rigid standards to the association.
   Our Italian Organic Oil has been hand selected to ensure taste and quality.   
Product Updates: were are currently introducing a series of Certified Organic herbed EVOO series  
   in 250 ml glass bottles